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ESCCA decided to invest time and money to provide you with a new revolutionary tool, able to let you compare your cytometric results with several fcs standard files, chosen for their typical behavior and their didactical meaningfulness.

ESCCABase is a growing repository of fcs files you can consult on (but not download into) your computer. The files are distributed in different fields depending on the topic they refer to, and will be the basis of several future ESCCA activities like external quality assessment (EQA), distant learning courses, and so on.

ESCCAbase is a distance training instrument composed by a database of cytometric files that can be freely consulted by those who are entitled to it. As such, it can be distinguished in two parts, namely the software package that allows the managing of the archive and the archive itself, made of the consultable files. The software package allows the managing of the database through the interaction between a web-server application and a series of dedicated libraries (both developed ad hoc); its purpose is the management, the validation, the preparation and preservation of the cytometric files of the database. The actual archive is based on a certain number of demonstrative files made available by the Repository Steering Committee members, but it is expected to be increased progressively. The files are going to be chosen according to their teaching value and selected according to a dual criterion. The first criterion about file collection is the one regarding their diagnostic relevance. The second criterion is the one regarding their methodological relevance.

Manager: Claudio Ortolani (Italy)
IT Manager/Developer: Mario D'Atri (Italy)