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Abstract book

Download the Abstract Book, containing the abstracts of the plenary sessions, best abstract presentations and poster presentations. 

Presentations Pre-conference courses

The presentations of the Pre-conference courses held on Wednesday morning 21/9 will be sent directly to the registered participants. 

Training course 1: Measurable residual disease in MM: Planned to be sent out in the week of 14 November.

Training course 2: Validation and ISO accreditation of FCM assays: Planned to be sent out in the week of 14 November.

Training course 3: AML-MRD: Presentations have been emailed on 15/10. Please check your spam folder if you have not received it.

Presentations Educational sessions (PAR-sessions)

Non-members have access to this page until 15 December 2022Not all presentations have been submitted yet. 

Some new presentations have been added on 18 November. Please check this page again around 25 November for possible updates. 

Advances in hemato-oncological diseases

PAR01: New frontiers in MRD

PAR04: Innovative clinical applications

  • Sebastian Böttcher - CLL MRD
  • Cirino Botta - Using flow cytometry data to unravel disease outcome

PAR07: Tissue Flow Cytometry

  • Hao-Wei Wang - On KSHV (HHV8)-associated lymphoproliferation 
  • Elaine Sobral da Costa - Standardized panel and procedures for pediatric solid tumors diagnostic by
    flow cytometry

PAR10: Immune monitoring in haematological malignancies 

PAR13: Multiomics and Artificial intelligence

Fundamentals in Clinical Flow

PAR02: Flow for Newbies - Intro to basics and pitfalls

PAR05: Lab do’s & don'ts

PAR08: A practical approach to IVDR

PAR 11: Validations in Cytometry

PAR14: On Data Integrity

  • Enrique O'Connor - Pre-Clinical Data Quality Presentation not available, data have not yet been published 
  • Jordi Petriz - Data interpretation

Antigen specific immunology in disease

PAR06: Immune System Ageing

PAR09: Trained immunity

  • Robin Choudhury - Hyperglycemia Induces Trained Immunity in Macrophages and Their Precursors and Promotes Atherosclerosis
  • Timo Rückert - Clonal expansion and epigenetic inheritance shape long-lasting NK cell memory

PAR12: Immunity in neurological disease

PAR15: Fringe Applications

  • Alfonso Blanco - Studying some very small events
  • Ken Nally - Using flow to investigate Microbiome Biology

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