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The abstracts of the ESCCA Conference in Valencia 2018 are now available on the Journal Cytometry B website (link)


Alessandro Moretta 

It is with immense sorrow that we are sharing the sad news of the death of Prof. Alessandro Moretta, a world-renowned scientist with a brilliant and eclectic mind. He continued to work tirelessly on NK cell biology despite his disease, and his powerful publications and presentations on the role of NK cells in innate defence and tumor immunity will be greatly missed. We have all lost an intelligent and lovable person, some of us mourn the passing of a sincere and precious friend, but special thoughts go to our dear friend Genny who loses her husband and soulmate.


ESCCA Honorary Membership

Dr. Jan Willem Gratama is the first to be awarded the ESCCA honorary membership for his participation in foundation of ESCCA and his continued support for its development, as well as for his great contribution to the field of clinical cell analysis.

At Valencia Conference 2019, new awarded ESCCA honorary members were Katherina Psarra, Enrique Jose O'Connor and Stefano Papa for their participation in foundation of ESCCA and their continued support for its development.


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