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Rules and Regulations

National societies can apply to become an ESCCA Affiliated Society.

The benefits are:

  1. The members of an ESCCA Affiliated Societies can benefit from a discounted ESCCA membership. 
  2. An Affiliated Society is able to offer the ESCCA certification examination in their own country, e.g. during the national meeting, with support of the ESCCA Education Committee.
  3. A strong interaction between ESCCA and the Affiliated Societies can be established regarding scientific matters, such as guidelines.
  4. ESCCA can work closely with Affiliated Societies to reduce the burden on developing protocols and guidelines. 
  5. ESCCA could provide educational support to Affiliated Societies through teachers, educational material.
  6. Affiliated Societies can access educational support from ESCCA in the form of course teachers, educational material or course program development.

 An overview of ESCCA Affiliated Societies can be found on this page.

An application form for becoming an ESCCA Affiliated Society can be requested from the ESCCA secretariat, Babette Schmidt,