ESCCA is an established International Society offering an efficient platform for a company with products related to flow and image cytometry. To promote its penetration into the European scientific community, ESCCA’s annual Conference) is held in a different European country each year and is organised in cooperation with the relevant national Cytometry Society.


There are several sponsor opportunities:

Sponsoring of the Annual Conference

Since 1996 ESCCA organises an annual Conference, aimed at the standardisation, validation and dissemination of flow cytometric know-how and its implementation in clinical laboratories. The Conference has become of major importance for education and scientific exchange in the fields of basic, translational and clinical applications in cytometry, in particular flow cytometry applications and in Hematology, Immunology, Cancer and Cell Biology. 

For more information on the Annual Conference and to order it's Sponsor Brochure, please contact the Conference Organiser, Babette Schmidt, at, phone +31206440716.


Yearly Support

Yearly support gives your company maximum exposure on a year-round basis, whilst at the same time you will be actively supporting and participating in ESCCA innovative projects and forthcoming educational activities. At the ESCCA Annual Conference you will be given first priority in the selection of your booth space and many other sponsor benefits agreed on. For more information or to discuss tailor made proposals, please contact the Conference Organiser (see above).


Other sponsor and promotional opportunities


Logo on the website 

ESCCA call

Logo on the home page of the ESCCA website with hyperlink to the Company website. Same on the Confirmed Sponsors page of the ESCCA website with the possibility to add a short text (maximum 100 words).

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Own subpage at the Educational page of the ESCCA website

Own subpage at the Education page of the ESCCA website, in between the Bi-society Project submenu and Material for Education, named “Education on ......”. This page can be filled at your discretion but in consultation with ESCCA. 


Inclusion of files in the ESCCAbase

ESCCAbase is a distance training instrument composed by a database of files that can be freely consulted by those who are entitled to it. You have the possibility to contribute to ESCCAbase with patient cases in order to facilitate exchange testing knowledge with experts.