Exhibition floor plan
The exhibition floor plan including updated booth numbers has been sent to confirmed exhibitors on 12 June, together with the Exhibition Manual. 
Exhibition Manual

The Exhibition Manual has been sent to confirmed exhibitorson 12 June. It contains important information, such as:

  • important deadlines
  • build-up and break-down schedule, show hours
  • shipments, deliveries, freight forwarding
  • details shell scheme
  • instructions for customised booths (main sponsors)
  • copy to be submitted for the Final Programme book
Freight forwarding services

Exhibitors should arrange their own shipments / freight of exhibition materials to and from the Edvard Grieg hotel. The hotel does not provide loading and warehousing services. This should be arranged through the local freight forwarding company, TL Logistikk, see here below.

All shipments made by the exhibitors or by their shipping companies must be cleared from the customs. Neither Edvard Grieg hotel nor the Organisers can offer customs clearance. This service can be requested from TL Logistikk. Neither the Edvard Grieg hotel nor the Organisers are liable for any damage caused by late shipments, or shipments that have not been cleared by customs. Please do not indicate the Edvard Grieg hotel or the Organisers as consignee on the invoice of the shipments. The hotel should only be mentioned as delivery address.

TL LOGISTIKK in Bergen has been assigned as official Freight forwarding/Logistics Coordinator. They offer the following services:

  • Planning and handling of freight documents - Customs Clearance
  • Transportation Solutions: Road - Air - Sea Freight
  • Storage prior to and after the exhibition
  • Forklift Services
  • Delivery to stand 
  • Rigging/ unpacking of exhibition goods 
  • Storage of empties during the exhibition
  • Collection from stand and delivery to the next destination

For more information and their contact details, please download: ESCCA Conference - Logistics info 


Shipping labels

The use of the ESCCA shipping label is compulsory. For the correct use, please consult the Exhibition Manual.




Extra orders

Bodoni AS, for:

  • Furniture, equipment & lights
  • Sockets, electrical cords and extensions
  • Displays and signage
  • Custom built stands
  • Flyers and printings

Contact Mr. Torstein Danielsen, email: torstein.danielsen@bodoni.no or order directly at https://exhibition.bergenexpo.no/


Konsertsystemer, for

  • audiovisual equipment in the stand

Contact Mr. Ketil Land√ły or Mr. Georg Dahl, email: ketil@konsertsystemer.no or georg@konsertsystemer.no or or post@konsertsystemer.no


Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg, for

  • cabled internet
  • extra catering in the stand
  • decoration (e.g. flowers)
  • for main sponsors: to arrange all that is needed for their sponsor room (set-up, AV, catering)

Contact Ms. Anna Kari Nessimo, email: anne.kari.nessimo@choice.no