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General information

The ESCCA Virtual Conference will take place in Central European Summer Time (CEST). 

All sessions will become available on-demand 2-4 hours after they have taken place, up to 6 month after the Virtual Conference.


The abstracts of the Best Abstract Presentations and poster presentations can be viewed via the E-poster section on the platform. 

Accreditation & certificate of attendance

Accreditation has been granted. Visit the Accreditation page for more information.
A personal certificate of attendance stating the number of contact hours/credits will be sent to delegates who have completed the evaluation. The certificate will then be sent to these delegates by e-mail after the Conference.

Frequently asked questions

Need (technical) assistance during the Virtual Conference?Please search ‘Bas van der Velde’ (IT Coordinator at ACS Audiovisual solutions) at the attendees tile and send him a chat.

Is it possible to access the ESCCA 2021 platform using a smartphone/tablet?
No, the platform is optimized for desktop computers and laptops with wide enough screens.

Can I login on 2 devices simultaneously?
No, your personal login link can only be used by ONE person on ONE device (desktop or laptop), at the same time. The latest login overrules the previous one. However, the LGD app with the ESCCA Virtual Conference, can be used at the same time. See further in these FAQ how to download this app.

How do I convert times in the programme (CEST – Central European Summer Time) to my local time?
Go to time converter: ‘Amsterdam - the Netherlands’ as first city (= CEST time) and then add your own city. Make sure you add the correct date.

I lost my login link email
Please send a message to Your login link email will be re-sent.

Can I change my password?
No, you cannot change your password.

When can I enter a session?
Sessions will be open for attendees 5 minutes before start of the session. Click the ‘enter talk’ button to enter the Parallel track rooms.
Sponsor rooms can only be entered through the Zoom link in the description.

Where can I find the abstracts?
Under the tile “E-posters” in the lobby of the platform.

Will there be an abstract book?
The abstracts can be viewed via the tile E-posters. Find the abstract through the magnifying glass button in the upper left hand corner.

 Where can I find the Programme at a glance and the full programme?

  • The Programme at a glance can be found on the ESCCA 2021 website and in the congress app
  • The full programme can be found by clicking on the Programme tile in the lobby of the virtual conference or on the tile in the congress app..

How do I download the ESCCA 2021 app?

  1. Download the event app:
  • Search for Let’s Get Digital in the AppStore or PlayStore
  • Login with your credentials (to be received separately on 21 April)
  1. Complete your profile in the app, or via your attendee tile on the platform (edit icon at the top on the left): add your profile photo and complete your contact information as you see fit. The information you share will only be used in this app during the Conference, and will be removed within 3 months afterwards.

I am a presenter or moderator, how can I learn more about the platform?
All speakers and moderators have received the instructions. If you cannot retrieve these anymore, contact the organisers by sending an email, with cc to

Also, a knowledge base containing articles and videos can be found at

How can I view a poster presentation?
Go to the ‘E-poster tile’, find the abstract through the magnifying glass button in the upper left hand corner. When you have found the abstract click on the title and the pre-recorded presentation starts.

How do I go to an exhibition stand?
Go to the ‘Sponsor and exhibitors’ tile where you will find all sponsors. By clicking on a sponsor, you will find a lot of information about the sponsor, its sessions, its brochures and how/who to contact: browse around and explore!

How do I get into contact with a representative of the sponsor/exhibitor?

Go to the sponsoring company in question, where you will find a ‘Request a meeting’ button. You can also click on the tile of a booth staff member in the tab ‘Staff’ and use the chat or ‘request a meeting’ button.

Will there be a raffle like previous years?
If and when a sponsor cooperates in the raffle, you will find the questionnaire under the tab ‘About’ of the sponsor. The sponsor prizes can be viewed on the Confirmed Sponsor page of the conference website. Submit  your entry before Saturday 24th 17:00 hrs. The winners will be published after the Conference on the aforementioned page.

How can I attend the sessions of sponsors?

  • By going to the tile ‘Sponsors and exhibitors’. Find the sponsor, click on the sponsor tile and find the ‘Speaks at’ button. Sponsor session(s) are found here. Click on the session, which gives you a description. You can enter the session by clicking on the Zoom link where it says “please enter the sponsor room here”.


  • By going to the Programme tile, search for the Sponsor room. Find the date, and scroll to the right to find the sponsor rooms. Click on the sponsor room tile, which gives you a description of the session. You can enter the session by clicking on the Zoom link where it says “please enter the sponsor room here”

How many CME credits do I get?
The Conference has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 10 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). For more information see the Accreditation page.

How can I receive a Certificate of attendance
A personal certificate of attendance stating the number of contact hours will be sent to you by e-mail after the Conference, and only after completion of the online evaluation.

Will my email address be shown in the attendee list?
If you have authorized the organisation in the online registration form to share your email address with the sponsors, your email has been included in the attendee list exclusively sent to the sponsors. On the platform’s attendee list no email address is shown, unless you yourself have added this and other personal information via the app or your profile tile.

How do I check the performance of my computer?
In order to make sure everything works properly during the event, it is important to check your computer’s performance. The testing suite: will help you to identify problems.

How do I start a video chat?
Go to the attendee tile on the main page, search the person you want to meet; when the person is online a green dot is shown you can 'Request a video chat'.

Can I have a group video chat?
Yes, once you are in a video chat with an attendee, you can ‘invite additional users’ (left side).

How do I create a personal programme?
Go to the programme tile, click on a specific session, at the bottom of the session description you can ‘add to favorites’. Your favorite sessions will be marked with a green star in the programme. Only entire sessions can be added to your favorites. Note that you will receive a push notification for each session that you have added to your favorites. This can be experienced as disturbing as the push notification is not only received via the app, but also shown on your computer/laptop screen when you are on the platform. 


ESCCA 2021 Conference liability limitation

ESCCA and Your Conference Support, its Board members, officers, agents and employees (hereafter referred to as: the organisers) accept no liability for personal injuries or loss, of any nature whatsoever, or for loss or damage to property either during or as a result of the ESCCA 2021 Conference.

Call for Volunteers

We welcome applications for volunteering during the 2022 Conference in Belfast (21-24 September) and the 2023 Conference in Vilnius (20-23 September).

Why volunteer?

  • Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, get connected and network with scientists and professionals dedicated to the various aspects of clinical cell analysis
  • You will be given free access to ESCCA 2021
  • You will gain practical experience in the organisational aspects of conferences
  • Volunteers play an integral role and contribute to the success of the meeting
  • You will receive a Certificate of Assistance & Attendance

The Call for Volunteers including more information on the tasks, the working schedule, qualifications and requirements can be (pre-)ordered from the Conference Coordinator, Babette Schmidt, at